Students accounts

Read what our students have to say about the Graduate Program Marketing.

Jonathan : “Understand the culture and the business practice”

The Graduate Program MARKETING (GPM) allowed me to consolidate my knowledge and understanding of the culture and the business practice of the Pierre Fabre Laboratories. With the personal goal to develop a unique, diverse and international profile, the GPM allowed me to reach this goal through an exchange with an international group of young professionals with different profiles. The enriching exchange with the lecturers and colleagues (e.g. South Africa and Argentina) brought a very distinctive perspective of marketing. 

 As of today, this program put me on the track of an 8-month mission as a Global Development Product Manager for the Movement, Analgesia, and Sedation range within the pharmaceutical branch of Pierre Fabre. My current role involves developing the range and internationalizing this strategic portfolio at the heart of Pierre Fabre Health Care. 

I recommend this program to those interested in adding a marketing profile for the industry and gaining great opportunities within both the dermocosmetic and pharmaceutical industry company. 

Hilda : “A real opportunity to get international exposure”

The Graduate Program MARKETING has given me the opportunity to improve my personal skills and develop the skills needed to be a better Product manager in Pierre Fabre Laboratory. The program provides the opportunity to implement those learned skills in a subsidiary. This experience in the United Kingdom helped me practice what I’ve learned. Specifically it provided me the opportunity and the experience of how to implement a Global Marketing campaign locally, how to understand the local market and how overcome challenges and seek solutions. Working in the UK gave me the opportunity to not only learn about a new disease area but to learn about the National Health Service (NHS) system. The program is a real opportunity for others to get international exposure and even progress towards obtaining a permanent contract. As of the end of my practical training, I have been offered a permanent contract as the Oncology Product Manager for United Kingdom and Ireland. I couldn't be happier with this outcome.