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The Program is divided into two main parts:  

  • Advanced marketing training provided by top-quality educators at the Toulouse Business School and enriched by regular input from industry experts at Pierre Fabre Laboratories. 
  • An operational assignment completed within one of our Corporate marketing teams in France.

Through this program, you will acquire theoretical and practical marketing experience while working closely with one of our subsidiary marketing teams. 

Toulouse Business School Training

The Toulouse Business School and Pierre Fabre Laboratories have been working in close collaboration since their partnership agreement began in 2006.

This partnership draws on the expertise of the Toulouse Business School to provide practical training tailored to the specific corporate culture and professions of the Pierre Fabre Group.

Such an ambitious and strategic project is unique in the profession, and is the perfect illustration of close collaboration between the education system and business.  

Successful completion of this program is accredited with the following diploma: 

Specialized Master's in Health Management / Health Industries and Biotechnology.

The Practical assignment

A 9-month in-company assignment provides hands-on experience to apply the skills acquired during the training period at the Toulouse Business School. 

This assignment is usually completed within one of our Corporate marketing teams. 

This assignment aims to enrich the training by allowing participants to apply their skills while benefiting from one-on-one support from our marketing experts. 

The Graduate Program Marketing calendar

The overall schedule is as follows:

  • February to March 
    Full-time training, personalized assessments and follow-up of participants. 
  • From April 
    In-company assignment, preparation and writing of professional thesis.
  • January the following year 
    Presentation of the professional thesis, and employment within a subsidiary 

To find out more about the Graduate Program Marketing, please download the syllabus and the flyer.

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